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Best Team Builders for Remote Workers

Blog by: Brandi Williford

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Team building during the pandemic can be challenging, but it's crucial to the success of your organization. Whether your team is remote, in-person or a mixture of both, here are a few team building games that everyone can participate in.

1. Terrible Crafts – Send your employees a craft packet containing just a few items. They may only use the items in the packet (or set whatever rules you would like). Pick a date for the participants to reveal their "terrible craft." The person (or team) with the ugliest craft wins a prize! Have fun with this and tweak as you see fit!

2. Virtual Happy Hour – You can organize virtual meetups once a month (or as often as you'd like) and invite your team to hang out together virtually and share a beverage! Talk and get to know eachother!

3. Game Night – Host a virtual game night. You can play charades, bingo, or things like "Guess Who's Baby Photo!" The possibilities are endless.

4. Celebration Meet Ups – With Halloween around the corner, you can encourage everyone to dress up and even have a Halloween contest! You can use celebration meet ups to recognize work anniversaries, holiday gatherings, birthdays and other celebrations. It can also be a time to learn about other employees’ cultures and holidays.

5. Fun Friday Chit Chats - Set up recurring chat sessions where everyone joins the video call just to chat. If you have a large company, you can use programs like zoom or Microsoft Teams and assign people to smaller chat rooms (or breakout rooms). By doing so, you are allowing your employees the opportunity to naturally bond and genuinely find connections with others within the company. If need be, come up with topics or ice breakers to help get the conversations going. Example: Talk about your favorite hobby. Chat sessions can be as short or as long as you'd like.

6. Throw Back Thursday #TBTMeet virtually on Thursdays and ask your team to share old pictures of themselves or play trivia regarding the past. These are great conversation starters and can help your team bond.

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Best Regards,

Brandi Williford

HR Professional

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